As a way to support future debates on firm ground, let’s review the economic fundamentals of Openstreetmap, explain why Openstreetmap works and try to extrapolate a few axis from there. This article will be useful to those unfamiliar with free software.

We’ll lean on Yochai Benkler’s classic: “Coase’s Penguin, or…

In the beginning was the empty map and people began filing it. Their goals were clear: n°1 having fun, n°2 world domination. Data scarcity kept everyone from being too picky — pretty much anything is better than nothing… Just fill in the blanks !

Then some adventurous ones began to…

Jean-Marc Liotier

Information systems, Free software, open networks, Openstreetmap, cycling, Africa, wargames, exotic weaponry and intersections of all that.

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